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Great Coffee and Tea and everything you need to make it

For coffee lovers across Canada, Home Coffee Solutions supplies everything you could ever need to brew a spectrum of delicious coffees, teas, hot chocolates and ciders. We carry it all from coffee brewers, accessories, coffee, tea, Keurig K cups, Tassimo T Discs to the tasty treats to accompany them.

You no longer have to go to a specialty coffee shop to get that perfect coffee brewed. Bring the café experience back to your home or office building and have your favourite java drinks made with our single serve brewers. Impress your guests and treat your employees with one of our state of the art machines.

Convenient, Quality Single Serve Brewers

We specialize in providing single serve brewing systems that work with Keurig K Cups, Tassimo T Discs as well as Nespresso and many other capsules and pods.

The Tassimo brewer is an excellent machine that creates amazing beverages with the push of a single button. This intelligent brewer is programmed to read the barcodes printed on the Tassimo T-Discs to make sure you get that perfect cup every time. The Tassimo brewer brings convenience to a whole new level with flow heater technology making heat-up time a way of the past, now your beverage is ready in as little as a minute.

The Keurig brewer produces the perfectly blended drink with ease, just place the Keurig K-Cup in the brewer, press the button and watch the magic happen. The only choice that you need to make is between the brew sizes (where you can adjust the strength of your coffee). The Keurig single serve coffee maker, like its Tassimo brewer counterpart, creates beverages in about a minute which is great for anyone in a hurry who wants their beverage to go.

You can also try our Nespresso single brew machines. We have a huge range of brewers that differ in appearance but all maintain an easy single brew design. This allows you to enjoy Nespresso compatible capsules, with their distinct European flavour. Once the beverage is done brewing, the Nespresso compatible capsules are ejected into a compartment for easy disposal.

The single brew machines we carry are extremely easy to clean, with minimal maintenance required. All you have to worry about is making sure the water reservoir is filled, that your cup is placed under the spout and that you have a capsule blend selected to brew!

We bring the convenience of single serve cups to you

Supplying your home or office with our Tassimo T Discs and K Cups in Canada gives you a clean, easy and quick way to make yourself a cup of java. With hundreds of blends to choose from you can be sure to find your favourite Keurig K Cups or Tassimo T Discs to brew your drink of choice.

Our customers enjoy the countless benefits of using single serve Tassimo T Discs or Keurig K Cups rather than brewing whole pots of coffee. With single serve brewers, you can enjoy coffee that's always fresh, while minimizing waste. Select from over 300 blends of K Cups in Canada, and from our wide range of Tassimo T Discs and experiment with a variety of beverages including coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and more.

Trusted Brands, Delectable Blends

We proudly supply K Cups to Canada, along with our other coffee and tea solutions. While we have two retail locations in Ontario, we offer convenient shipping coast to coast. We only supply products from trusted brands that we know are the best quality. You can count on each cup of coffee to have consistently great flavour and quality.

We consistently find exciting new blends of K Cups and Tassimo T Discs for Canada, and we are always looking for new and innovative coffee solutions to make your life better. We have biodegradable K cups which easily break down in moist environments. They are made with a polyactic acid resin which is much softer than its predecessor, allowing for it to break down easily. This new greener biodegradable K-cup alternative makes consuming Keurig K-cups worry-free and a responsible choice with a minimal environmental footprint.

Mouth-watering treats and useful accessories are available in abundance

Don’t forget to pick up some of our delicious treats to go with your delicious drink created through our amazing brewers. Whether you prefer biscotti, snowballs or apple cider, we offer great options to compliment your choice of beverage. If your drinks aren’t flavourful enough we also offer delicious syrups to add that little extra something to your drink. We have a variety of syrups in delicious flavours like caramel, hazelnut, raspberry and even bacon. Whether it’s Keurig K Cups , Tassimo T-discs or Nespresso Compatible Capsules, we offer just what you need to compliment it.

We have all the accessories to make your brewing experience that much easier and enjoyable. Our stock ranges from cleaning pucks and tea kettles to K-Cup and Tassimo T-Disc storage units and cups; we have everything you need to make your specialty coffee at home a reality. We are your one stop shop for any coffee or tea related items at fantastic prices.

We make it easy for you to get the flavours you want. Order your favourite flavours in bulk boxes, or order individual servings to try some new blends! We have a huge variety of flavours to delight any tastes. Whether you want to wake up with a delightful hot espresso made with the Nespresso compatible capsules, or treat your employees at work to a delicious Keurig K-Cup French Vanilla or a nice cold Tassimo T-Disc iced tea for lounging around on a hot summer day, we bring these to you with the convenience of nation-wide shipping.

Tassimo Brewer? Keurig Brewer?

Home Coffee Solutions has been in the business of providing state of the art brewers for premium coffee, tea and hot chocolate since 1996. Whether you want the Tassimo brewer, the Keurig brewer, or one of our lines of Caffitally, Illy, Jura or Nespresso coffee makers, we can provide you with excellent coffee brewing equipment. Home Coffee Solutions can help you make that perfect cup of coffee to get your day started and give you that get up and go. From the simple but reliable Keurig single serve coffee maker, to the exotic Jura Impressa 27 at over $3500, we have the brewing equipment for you.

Our robust yet attractive Keurig single serve coffee maker, the Keurig Brewer B130, will make a rich and flavourful cup of your favourite beverage in just 3 minutes using K Cup technology. Its attractive price and compact size make it one of the favourite Keurig brewers among our many customers. Whether it be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider or other drinks, we have the K Cup drink to cover every occasion or whim!

We’re passionate about coffee and coffee equipment. Trust Home Coffee Solutions to provide you with the best selection of K Cups available in Canada today. We offer over 300 types of K Cups and even have a line of biodegradable K Cups for those concerned about the environmental consequences of their love affair with coffee, tea and other drinks.

We, at Home Coffee Solutions, know that a cup of coffee is about relationships; it’s about sharing those special moments with friends and family. What better way to celebrate these relationships than by popping one of our tasty, easy to use K Cups or Tassimo T-Discs into your Keurig brewer or your Tassimo brewer and kicking back with the people you love. Whether you select our biodegradable cups, or one of our many regular K Cups or T-Discs, you can choose the right flavour to suit your special occasion.

A wide range of K Cups and coffee brewers

From coffee to tea to hot chocolate and K Cups to pods, frothers or brewers, coffee cups or syrups, we have all the supplies to bring an exceptional café experience to your cottage, home or office. Trust us, just like thousands of others have, to provide the best in top-of-the-line coffee brewers and the biggest selection of K Cups on the market today.

Together, over a warm cup of coffee or tea, we can create some cherished moments with friends and family. Life is about moments; moments enjoying time with the people who matter to you. Home Coffee Solutions takes pride in helping to make those moments more special with our range of quality coffee solutions.

At Home Coffee Solutions we are committed to offering great service with the highest quality, and most innovative products from around the world. Visit us in store at our Toronto or Barrie locations to meet one of our welcoming and helpful staff in person. You can also call us at 1-855-516-9333, or order online today and stock your home or office with our delicious and convenient coffee solutions!



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