It’s the Holiday Season and it’s time for friends and family to get together. For centuries now, people have been sharing valuable time over coffee and at Home Coffee Solutions, we want to mix the traditional with the contemporary this season with our Keurig B145 Office Pro. If you entertain large gatherings, you will want to pay attention.


The Keurig B145 is the meeting point between home and office so it is prepared for any heavy duty use by large families or small groups who cannot get enough coffee. There are many features you can take advantage of with this great brewer from Keurig.

Choice of 3 cup sizes (6, 8 and 10oz)

This is ideal with large groups as everyone has their own choice of size. If you want your coffee slightly stronger, choose 6 ounces and slightly less, 10 ounces. Everyone who drinks coffee has their own specific way of how to enjoy it and with this option, it is easier trying to please everyone.

48 oz Removable water reservoir

As a time saver, you will not have to worry about filling the brewer every time someone finishes making one cup.  It will keep it loaded for more reinforcements when you are too busy preparing the dinner or decadent desserts for your guests. It is one less thing to concern yourself with while enjoying your time hosting large get-togethers.

Energy Savings Mode - Auto Off

It’s easy to forget to turn things off with the hustle and bustle of the season so once again, it is one less worry to have. With the Auto Off, the machine will shut itself down and will not overheat, wear out or cause a hazard to anyone place or person. Bottom line, it is safer and much better for the environment.

Drainable internal hot water tank

With a lot of use, you will need to descale the machine more. There is a knob on top in the back to make the drainable hot water clean out the machine with efficiency that excels other brewers. Not only does this service make for a longer life span of the brewer but a better cup of coffee as well without all the extra minerals that some water can leave behind.  If you live in a place like Barrie, Ontario, full of hard water, you will have to descale it more if you use non-filtered water and this brewing machine by Keurig is ready for the test!

This season, take advantage of Home Coffee Solutions’ Keurig B145 Office Pro and allow it to add to your Holiday cheer! Remember it’s not just allowing you to entertain better but it makes an incredible gift.  It’s affordable and offers over 150 different roasts, flavours, teas, hot chocolate and ciders for you and everyone to enjoy.

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