It’s the season of entertaining and giving, (it really should be this way all year ‘round but it’s a good excuse for all to take note finally). When having guests over for dinner, cocktails tend to flow and nothing tops a perfect evening more than a great cup of coffee adding to the atmosphere. A great way to make this easier for yourself while trying to please the most fussy of guests, is a Tassimo Bosch Brewer, in this case the Bosch T20

The Bosch T20 will delight your guests because it has the versatility between drip coffees and specialty coffees as well. If you want to enjoy a great Gevalia Colombian Medium Roast or a Nabob Latte or Skinny Latte, you can do so in just a few minutes without any added mess to clean. It not just saves a mess but the sleek and chic design of simple black takes up little space and adds to any contemporary design of any kitchen or entertainment area in your condo or house.

Few Features:

Innovative Barcode Technology

It’s so simple, the T-Disc has a barcode that is read within the T20 (or any Tassimo Brewer) and from this, the machine does all the work knowing the strength of the coffee, the amount to be made and how to steam the milk product included in the T-Disc.

Height Adjustable and Removable Cup Stand

For those craving larger coffees for different cups, glass or ceramic, you can always remove the cup stand to put smart looking more sophisticated tall glass cups.  Just as an added note, when using glass mugs, be sure to warm the glass prior with hot water to avoid a finer glass cracking under the heat.

Automatic Cleaning and Descaling

This will make the upkeep of your brewer easier and less work for yourself. No one likes cleaning up messes left after the holidays so relax and allow the Bosch T20 do the work for you.

Noise Reduction:

There is always a lot of chatter and background and this machine will not add to break up any conversation or delightful festivities happening in your home.

Great Gift

Keep in mind, this makes a great gift! Single Cup Brewers are the wave of the future and the future is now! People are busier nowadays and this makes life easier for all those involved. Make sure to help your family and friends with a little chic Tassimo Bosch T20 to simplify their lifestyle!

Remember you can always pick up a Lipper T-Disc Holder, it economizes space and one of our favourites, Gevalia Caramel Macchiato. This great coffee specialty will be a hit at your Holiday gathering!

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