Time needed: 20 minutes.

The Direct Water Line Plumb Kit allows you to hook your Keurig Coffee Maker directly into your home or office’s water supply in order to automatically refill the water reservoir on your Brewer. Follow these instructions in order to easily convert your Keurig’s Pour-Over Water Reservoir into a plumbed in version with direct water line connection capability.

Note: the Direct Plumb Kit is only compatible with Keurig Brewer Models K150, K155 Commercial Brewing Systems.

                    1. Unplug & Drain Your Brewer

                      Power off your Brewer by unplugging it from your power supply. Next, drain out any water that’s currently inside your Brewer’s hot water tank (if previously filled).

                    2. Remove the Old Water Tank
                      Lift up on your Brewer’s Cold Water Reservoir to remove it from the base of the Brewer.

                    3. Remove the Base Screws
                      Flip your Brewer over so it’s laying on its left side. Next, remove the 2 screws shown in the picture circled in red. Set these aside for later. We will call these “Screw A” for when we attach the Direct Water Line Plumb Kit a few steps down.

                    4. Remove the Base Plate
                      Flip your K150 or K155 Brewer so that it is right side up. Use your finger to press down on one end of the Base Plate until it “pops” out of place. Remove this Plate.

                    5. Remove the Connector Cover
                      Find the Connector Cover located on the side of your Brewer, and remove it using a screw driver. Keep the screw you removed (“Screw B”) and set it aside for later when we reattach the Connector Cover.

                    6. Connect the Plumb Kit Wiring to the Brewer
                      Place your Direct Water Line Plumb Kit on the base of your Brewer. Plug in the electrical connection wire from the Plumb Kit into your Brewer.

                    7. Replace the Connector Cover
                      Using “Screw B,” re-install the Connector Cover, making sure it is flush with the side of the Brewer.

                    8. Secure the Plumb Kit to the Brewer’s Base
                      Flip your Coffee Maker back onto its left side (carefully!) and screw in the 2 “Screw A” screws you set aside earlier. These screws are required in order to properly secure your Direct Plumb Kit to the Base of the Brewer.

                    9. Connect the Plumb Kit to a Direct Water Line
                      Plug in your Brewer to your power source and connect it to a filtered water supply. I recommend the one I just linked, as it not only purifies, but helps prevent scale build up too. Finally, power the Brewer “ON”.

                    10. Let Your Brewer Auto-Fill with Water
                      It will take about a minute and a half for your K150 or K155 Brewer to fill up with water. If your Brewer “times-out” and shuts off during this process, there is no need to worry. Simply turn the Brewer Off/On again in order to restart the filling process.

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