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Beans & Grinds

Balzac's Atwood Blend Whole Bean Coffee

This combination of medium and dark roast beans come from South and Central America for unique undertones of caramel and cocoa. This coffee combines light acidity with a full bodied... Learn More


Balzac's Blend Whole Bean Coffee

This carefully blended combination of light, medium, and dark roasted coffee beans is inspired by Honoré de Balzac’s own blend of coffee. This is one of the best coffee blends... Learn More


Balzac's Celebs Kalossi Whole Bean Coffee

Coming from Indonesia, this coffee blend brings out rich, smooth, and full-bodied flavours. This vibrant tasting coffee is built from a stout roast, a dark roast coffee which brings oils... Learn More


Balzac's Decaf Swiss Water Process Whole Bean Coffee

This is a new version of La Nuit Tranquille with the same great roast. Swiss Water Decaf is a natural way of removing caffeine for a ethical and great tasting... Learn More


Balzac's Farmer's Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Following traditional roasting and blending techniques, this whole bean coffee conveys a classic flavour. Simple, strong, and balanced, this coffee is perfect for those who are looking for a crowd-pleasing... Learn More


Lavazza Coffee Beans

The African robusta beans give body and a chocolate aroma to this brew, which combines with the natural Arabica from the Brazilian highlands to give smoothness and full flavour. A... Learn More