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Beverage Add Ons

Torani Syrup Classic Caramel

The warmth of caramel adds an aromatic and rich flavour to any coffee or dessert. Use this syrup directly on top of coffee or ice cream or blend it right... Learn More

From:$6.99 CAD

Torani Syrup Peppermint

Rather than it's alternative, mint syrup, true peppermint flavour comes through in this syrup for an authentic flavour.   FEATURES Perfect For Desserts or Specialty Coffees Barista Inspired Glass Bottle... Learn More

$11.95 CAD

Torani Syrup Black Cherry

Torani was originally created to enhance Italian sodas, and this syrup does exactly that. The tart and sweet flavours of cherry is a great addition to a glass of club... Learn More
$11.95 CAD Sold Out

Torani Syrup Butter Rum

Warm butter rum is a classic after drink cocktail. But if you're looking to skip the alcohol, try the real flavour blended into a hot coffee or dessert.   FEATURES... Learn More
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