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Coffee - Beans, Grinds, & Espresso

Authentic Donut Shop Irish Cream Fraction Packs

This non-alcoholic pod maintains the rich flavour of Irish Cream Liquor in a strong medium roast for a traditional flavour.   FEATURES Flavoured 100% Arabica Beans   ROAST: Medium Roast... Learn More

$46.49 CAD

Authentic Donut Shop French Vanilla Fraction Packs

This roast has a rich flavour created through all natural vanilla for authentic taste. This brew will bring full aromatic scents into your kitchen to blend with a strong brew... Learn More

$46.49 CAD

Reunion Island French Roast Fraction Packs

Reunion Island is as passionate about sustainable farming as they are premium coffee. Their Fair Trade Organic French Roast is produced on small family farms in Central and South America.... Learn More

$44.99 CAD

Reunion Island Empire Dark Roast Fraction Pack

The coffee equivalent a big, full-bodied Cabernet, Empire is as bold as the famous Corsican empire-builder that inspired the label. While this coffee is what is known in North America... Learn More

$44.99 CAD

Reunion Island Decaf Firefly SWP Fraction Pack

Firefly is a medium blend that has a buttery body and caramelized sugar flavours. With its dark chocolate notes and clean finish, this decaffeinated coffee is ideal for traditional drip... Learn More

$47.99 CAD

Reunion Island Decaffeinated Colombian Fraction Pack

Reunion Island Coffee was founded in 1995 by one of Canada's most renowned coffee experts. Reunion Island sources the best beans possible, from the top 5% of the world's supply... Learn More

$48.49 CAD

ReSIProcate Full City Fraction Pack

A satisfying mix of bittersweet chocolate and cashews. Well-balanced and flavourful cup. The idea behind reSIProcate was to create coffees focused on giving back, one sip at a time. By... Learn More

$159.99 CAD

Timothy's Nicaraguan Fair Trade Fraction Pack

This full-bodied blend has a smooth finish. Being Certified Fair Trade and organic, this blend is a responsible choice with a balanced, full bodied flavour.   FEATURES Organic Certified Fair... Learn More

$54.99 CAD

Timothy's Italian Blend Fraction Pack

With a touch of European sophistication, this blend is has a full bodied taste and undertones of smokey and sweet flavours from traditional espresso.   FEATURES Single Origin Beans Compatible... Learn More

$54.99 CAD