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Coffee - Beans, Grinds, & Espresso

Timothy's Italian Blend Whole Bean Coffee

With a touch of European sophistication, this blend is has a full bodied taste and undertones of smokey and sweet flavours from traditional espresso.   FEATURES Single Origin Beans Longer... Learn More
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Reunion Island Sierra Verde Whole Bean Coffee

Citrus, chestnut, creamy, balanced and herbaceous. This blend is a true medium roast, finding the balance between rich flavours and easy-drinking taste. Reunion Island is also working with Trees for... Learn More

$29.99 CAD

Lavazza Espresso Rossa Coffee Beans (2.2lb / 1000g Bag)

The African robusta beans give body and a chocolate aroma to this brew, which combines with the natural Arabica from the Brazilian highlands to give smoothness and full flavour. A... Learn More

$26.99 CAD

Authentic Donut Shop Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

This traditional Dark-Roast blend is a simple and clean tasting coffee, perfect for those who remember the pleasure of true donut shop coffee. This roast is slightly bolder than it's... Learn More

$21.99 CAD

Timothy's Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee

The combination of Costa Rican and Guatemalan coffee beans produces this sweet and smooth blend, that is highly aromatic with smoky undertones.   FEATURES Guatemalan & Costa Rican Origin Compatible... Learn More
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Reunion Island Espresso Barlino Whole Bean Espresso

This strong espresso reflects a flavour profile more like the old school Italian espresso roasts that were so popular at the time, and remain the preference of so many still... Learn More

$29.99 CAD

Segafredo Cafe Senza Decaf Espresso Beans

Arabica and Robusta Beans roasted and blended to perfection, the Extra Strong Espresso from Segafredo will deliver a robust and flavourful espresso.   FEATURES Decaffeinated Arabic and Robusta Blend  ... Learn More

$39.99 CAD

Lavazza Gran Filtro Italian Roast Ground Coffee (227g / 8oz)

Consisting of 100% Central and South American Arabica beans, this well-balanced coffee delivers a zesty and luscious aroma.   FEATURES Rainforest Alliance Certified 100% Arabica Beans Blended for Espresso Ground... Learn More

$30.99 CAD

Timothy's Nicaraguan Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee

This full-bodied blend has a smooth finish. Being Certified Fair Trade and organic, this blend is a responsible choice with a balanced, full bodied flavour.   FEATURES Organic Certified Fair... Learn More
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