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Coffee - Beans, Grinds, & Espresso

Timothy's Decaffeinated Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

This caffeine-free blend, unlike others, retains its Colombian robust and colourful flavour. You can still watch your caffeine intake and never have to compromise on taste with this pod.  ... Learn More

$34.99 CAD

Timothy's Nicaraguan Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee

This full-bodied blend has a smooth finish. Being Certified Fair Trade and organic, this blend is a responsible choice with a balanced, full bodied flavour.   FEATURES Organic Certified Fair... Learn More

$34.99 CAD

Reunion Island Espresso Barlino Whole Bean Espresso

This strong espresso reflects a flavour profile more like the old school Italian espresso roasts that were so popular at the time, and remain the preference of so many still... Learn More

$29.99 CAD