Miele Classic C1 Hardfloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Tech Blue)

$274.00 CAD
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Miele Classic C1 Hardfloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Tech Blue)

Miele Classic C1 Hardfloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Tech Blue)

$274.00 CAD


The Miele Classic C1 Hardfloor vacuum is lightweight, has a large bag capacity, and reflects Miele's high reliability. It is primarily designed for smooth floors and low pile area rugs or commercial carpeting.

This Classic C1 Hardfloor comes with a universal brush for hard surfaces and low pile carpets. There are other variants such as the:

  • Classic C1 Cat & Dog: comes with a straight hardwood brush with soft bristles for hard surfaces, an electric brush for deep cleaning low/medium pile carpets, and a more comfortable handle


  • Powerful Suction. Features a 1200W Votex Motor that is optimally designed for greater airflow. The floor heads are also designed to pick up dirt from all sides. Suction power doesn't decrease until bag is almost full
  • Hygienic Bag. Self-Sealing for no-mess replacement
  • AirClean Filter System. Guarantees the filtration of more than 99.9% of fine dust
  • Quality. Made to last the equivalent of 20 years of normal use by using an ABS Plastic cabinet (as tough as a hockey helmet) and a crushproof hose and stainless steel telescopic wand
  • Suction easily controlled using a rotary dial
  • Suitable For:
    • Hard floors of all types
    • Low pile commercial carpets
  • Included Accessories:
    • Dusting Brush
    • Upholstery Brush
    • Small Crevice Brush
    • Universal Floor Tool: has a foot switch to lower bristles for hardfloor and raise them for low pile carpeting
  • Warranty: 5 Years on Parts, 7 Years on Motor
  • Made In Germany.


Equipment Specifications
  • Operating Radius: 9m (29.5ft)
  • Bag Size: 4.5L (G/N AirClean)
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Filter Type: AirClean (AA/HA 30)
  • Power: 1200W

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