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Single Serve

Caffitaly Ècaffè Americano Coffee Capsules

A classic Americano is created when hot water is added to a shot of espresso. The result is a lighter tasting coffee with a full, smooth, taste and traditional crema.   This... Learn More

$6.99 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Prezioso Espresso Coffee Capsules

Premium Arabica beans from Central-South America are used to make this Caffitaly capsule. This espresso has a full-flavour and the low caffeine content of this espresso makes it a coffee for anytime of day.   ... Learn More

$6.98 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Decaf Intenso Espresso Coffee Capsules

This bright and full tasting decaffeinated espresso is perfect for all-day drinkers or after dinner. This blend keeps the classic strong aromas expected of a fine quality espresso.   FEATURES 70%... Learn More

$6.99 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Morbido Espresso Coffee Capsules

Morbido Espresso is a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. A great choice for the occasional specialty-espresso drinker as it can be used for espresso, drip coffee, latte, or cappuccino.   ... Learn More

$6.99 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Bevanda Al Cacao (Hot Chocolate) Capsules

A perfectly balanced, smooth, and creamy hot chocolate with aroma and flavour of cocoa. This hot chocolate is perfectly balanced when brewed with 80-90 ml of water.    FEATURES Classic, Creamy... Learn More

$7.29 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Decaf Delicato Espresso Coffee Capsules

This decaffeinated espresso blend has a velvety taste with an intense, enticing aroma. FEATURES 70% Arabica 30% Robusta Intensity 7/10  Less Than 0.1% Caffeine Content Compatible with Caffitaly Pod Brewers... Learn More

$6.99 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Tè al Limone (Lemon Black Tea) Capsules

A savoury, delicious blend of black leaf tea and lemon flavour.    FEATURES Black Tea Recommended Cup Format 120-200 ml Compatible with Caffitaly Pod Brewers   LEAVES: Black TASTING NOTES: Black... Learn More

$7.29 CAD

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