Breville The Juice Fountain™ Cold Electric Juicer BJE430SIL Silver


$225.00 CAD  $269.99 CAD 
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Breville The Juice Fountain™ Cold Electric Juicer BJE430SIL Silver

Breville The Juice Fountain™ Cold Electric Juicer BJE430SIL Silver

$225.00 CAD  $269.99 CAD 


Make Juicing for Crowds Easy and Fast.


Made from Brushed Stainless Steel, this sleek kitchen workhorse is a breeze to use and will whir through cooking prep with ease. The Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold's chute is now even larger at 3" and Breville’s Cold Spin Technology™ has been proven to make almost no temperature change to the foods.


    • 3" Extra Wide Chute - Shorten your prep time by not having to cut your fruits and vegetables up. The chute is 3" in diameter and fits most fruits and vegetables whole.
    • Cold Spin Technology™ - The juice flows up through the steel cutting disc and through an Italian made mesh filter to maintain the temperature.
    • Seal and Store Juice Jug - Store your juice in the fridge with this removable and seal-able juice jug.
    • Two-Speed Control - Extract juice from softer fruits or leafy vegetables with the low speed, or juice harder foods down with two speeds that you can control.
    • Overload Protection LED - To prevent and unsafe usage.
    • Sleek and Stylish Design - Silver body exterior works perfect on any countertop.
    • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty - Provided at the Discretion of Breville (Terms and Conditions)


  • 70oz Easy Seal Juice Jug with Froth Separator
  • Detachable Spout for Juicing Directly into Glass
  • Easy Cleaning Brush


  • Juice Jug Capacity: 70 oz
  • Pulp Container Capacity: 115 oz
  • Dimensions: 14.5"(W) x 10.5"(D) x 17.6"(H)
  • Voltage: 110-120 V
  • Power: 850 Watts

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