Lelit Bianca 2 Semi-Automatic Dual-Boiler E61 Espresso Machine with PID L162T (Version 2) - OPEN BOX

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Lelit Bianca 2 Semi-Automatic Dual-Boiler E61 Espresso Machine with PID L162T (Version 2) - OPEN BOX

Lelit Bianca 2 Semi-Automatic Dual-Boiler E61 Espresso Machine with PID L162T (Version 2) - OPEN BOX

$3,199.00 CAD $3,795.00 CAD


Commercial-Grade Espresso in Your Home.

Note: This machine has been listed as "OPEN-BOX" it was taken out of the box, but was never used and is otherwise in perfect working order. 

A machine for intermediate and advanced users, the Lelit Bianca 2 L162T is a high quality, Italian-made espresso machine and is one of the best home espresso machines for easily preparing espressos and cappuccinos like a real professional barista.

The Lelit Bianca has separate boilers for steam production and for espresso production, and allows you to perform both functions simultaneously. Full control is available for the temperature of each boiler.

The Lelit Bianca has a built-in water tank that is seated in the stainless steel external "case" to avoid a possible heating up of the water. It can be repositioned on each of the three sides of the machine to better adapt itself to the available space. It can be easily removed to allow an easy cleaning.

The Lelit Bianca is a machine without compromises that allows you to manually control the water flow and the boiler. If you are an expert barista or a person who knows the difference between the good and the great, this machine will make your coffee making experience ever so perfect. 

  • Repositionable water tank with automatic couplings. The Lelit Bianca's water tank can be repositioned on each side of the each of the three sides of the machine to better adapt itself to the available space.
  • Measure the real extraction pressure. Thanks to the manometer on the E61 group you can measure the real pressure on the coffee puck having a much more precise and accurate control of the coffee extraction.
  • Stainless steel appliance body and parts. The appliance body and the water tray are made in polished AISI 304 stainless steel, the king of all materials, to grant an unlimited lifetime, a superior aesthetic look and an easy cleaning.
  • Anti-burn/cool cool touch wands. The new Lelit wands are all cool touch, to avoid any burn and have a new geometry to facilitate cleaning, avoid the limestone formation and allow a more satisfying use experience.
  • Technical settings. A machine like Bianca is able to adapt to the different working conditions and the different extraction needs of each barista. To obtain this result, Bianca is equipped with a technical submenu, where you can customize the settings, such as the PID parameters that determine the thermoregulation.
  • 800 ml stainless steel coffee boiler
  • Professional Design
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Provided by Lelit
  • LCD high resolution graphic display
  • 58mm filterholder with wood handle and exclusive Coffee Slide


  • Complete portafilter with 1 shot and 2 shots filters,
  • bottomless portafilter with 18/20 g filter,
  • blind basket,
  • 70 L water softener,
  • Lelit stainless steel tamper with aluminium handle,
  • group cleaning brush, microfiber cloth,
  • optional steam wand nozzle,
  • accessories for direct water plumbing,
  • espresso cup rack and coffee measuring spoon.


  • Dimensions WxDxH: 29 x 48,5 x 40 cm
  • 1155Watts
  • Weight 26.5 kg(58.42 pounds)
  • Coffee boiler heating element: 1400W (220V-240V 50Hz) – 1000W (120V 60 Hz)
  • Steam boiler heating element: 1400W (220V-240V 50Hz / 120V 60 Hz)
  • Voltage: 220/240V 50-60Hz – 120V 60Hz

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