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All Whole Bean Coffee

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Jura Claris Blue Water Filter (3x Pack)

$79.95 CAD
In stock
Jura Claris Blue Water Filter (3x Pack)

Jura Claris Blue Water Filter (3x Pack)

$79.95 CAD


The secret to consistently crafting that perfect cup of coffee or espresso is to make sure you're diligent about maintaining your brewer. Coffee is 98% water, which makes getting the right water filter very crucial.


  • Reduced Water Hardness Up To 75%
  • Eliminates Decalcifying
  • Removes the Need for Descaling
  • The organic ion exchangers and activated charcoal remove harmful substances such chlorine, copper, lead and aluminum.
  • TÜV-certified Hygiene
    • All ENA Models
    • New Impressa Models (See Instruction Manual for Your Espresso Machine)

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