Whole Bean for Drip Coffee Variety Pack (Lavazza & Ashanti)

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Whole Bean for Drip Coffee Variety Pack (Lavazza & Ashanti)

Whole Bean for Drip Coffee Variety Pack (Lavazza & Ashanti)

$61.99 CAD


This whole bean variety pack features some of the best drip coffee blends at a discounted price!
1x Lavazza Gold Selection. 1x Ashanti African Medium Roast. 1x Ashanti African Dark Roast.

Lavazza's Gold Selection light roast coffee beans feature a medium-bodied blend with a pronounced sweetness and fine acidity. These beans were carefully blended with hand-picked washed arabica beans from the highlands of Central and South America alongside semi-washed Robusta like the Kaapi Royale and Java.

Then, look to Ashanti's medium roast Artisan coffee. From the rich farms of East Africa comes some of the greatest tasting coffee. This dark roast has been delicately crafted by experts and local farmers in Kenya to create a well-balanced and full-bodied experience, featuring strong notes of caramel and chocolate and subtle notes of blood orange.

Finally, enjoy Ashanti's dark roast blend, featuring a similar well-balanced and full-bodied experience but with stronger notes of sweet dark chocolate and toasted pecan toffee.


  • Blended for Drip Coffee
  • Value Pack! Large Quantity Bulk Format for Extra Cost Savings

  • 1x Bag of Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee 1kg/2.2lb
  • 2x 340g Bag of Ashanti Whole Bean Coffee 

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