Cold Brew Is The Cool New Brew

The confusing part about cold brew coffee is that it doesn’t have to be enjoyed cold. The great part about cold brew coffee is that it uses time, not heat, to brew a superior cup of coffee that can be enjoyed cold, hot, or in a cocktail.


Cold brew is made when coffee grounds are brewed with cold water, either from a steady drip or an immediate immersion of water. The grounds are then steeped for anywhere between 2 and 24 hours, sometimes even longer.


 The benefit of this excruciating wait is that rather than quickly heated water that scalds the coffee grounds, cold brew uses a more natural and progressive method to bring out a stronger and more natural coffee flavour.


The coffee that comes out of cold brew, however, isn’t ready to drink. It’s called a “Coffee Concentrate”. This concentrate can be used however you like, turn it into a delicious iced coffee with no dilution, or heat it with milk and water for a strong and bold cup of morning coffee. While the brew time may not be convenient, the coffee concentrate is most practical for those of you who like to switch between hot and iced coffee without having to use a bucket of ice or a microwave. 


To make an iced cup of cold brew coffee, simply mix the concentrate with ice and milk to make a strong iced coffee. For hot, simply heat the concentrate on the stove for a few minutes with some water and add milk or cream to taste. 


We found this trendy new drink in a Toronto based business, Station Cold Brew Coffee.  Station Cold Brew is committed to quality premium cold brew coffee with a promise of sustainability. They use traditional cold brew methods which uses all natural energy and their beans are responsibly sourced using direct trade policy from the Colombia and Ethiopia regions.


 Cold Brew Coffee is a trendy alternative for an office looking to offer sustainable and premium coffee this summer. Call a customer service representative or email us at to try this delicious new type of coffee.  


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