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Fair Trade Certified. Organic. Environmentally Friendly. Truly Local Canadian Company. Reunion Island has built itself a reputation for not only being a Canadian success story but also a paradigm shifter in this fast paced and ever changing coffee industry. 

It began in 1978, when coffee connoisseur Peter Pecse was determined to challenge status quo and enhance the quality of coffee produced in the industry. Recognizing a niche demand for more premium roasts, Pesce made the bold and brilliant decision of establishing a coffee company that engaged local Canadian roasters. He would eventually take course to create the brand you now know and love: Reunion Island Coffee was born.


Out of the collaboration between fellow coffee aficionados and old and trusted colleagues with Pesce leading the way, the goal of the company is to source and develop truly high quality coffee blends in the most environmentally sustainable and socially conscious way. Reunion Island has accomplished this by the usage of industry certifications for their coffee, their contributions to the local community as a means of giving back and the forging of direct trade relationships thereby enabling greater support for coffee growing communities.

Today, in addition to a plethora of roasts and flavours, you will find Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified and Organic coffee pod options within the product offering at Reunion Island Coffee. With such a profound focus on quality and responsibility, Reunion Island Coffee leads the way as a true pioneer in the Canadian coffee industry.

We at Home & Office Coffee Solutions take sustainability very seriously, and as such, are truly happy to be in partnership with a local company like Reunion Island that provides ethical products for our clients. Our current - and ongoing - promise, is to strive in bringing all of our retail and corporate customers the latest and greatest in sustainable coffee and tea options.

Click here to view our collection of Reunion Island Pods that may be brewed with the Suncana Pod Brewing System. It will be the most environmentally responsible and delicious choice you will make in the single serve world. Click here to learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

To learn more about our Office Coffee Solutions that provide Reunion Island selections, click here


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