If you have friends and family who are into coffee, espresso, tea, hot cocoa and love design, you will want to read further. Home Coffee Solutions is now carrying two great Coffee Capsule Machines from Caffitaly programmed to produce many great coffees enjoyed by you and friends.  Remember, the better the coffee and ease of production,the more time you will have to create memories when sharing these beverages with loved ones.



Like anything Italian, i.e. suits, wine, food, etc... there is a great deal of attention to detail in the sleek design of the S03 and S05. They are a simple grey with silver accents to make it look perfectly crafted for the delight of one’s eyes. Even the LM-300 Frother matches the brewers!

No Mess:

With the touch of one button, the finished product will have you doing nothing like your parents or grandparents had to do when making their favourite specialty coffee. The capsule goes directly into the machine and when it is done, it is ejected into the bottom that can be emptied when it eventually is full.

As well, the spout is adjustable so there is less spilling or splashing when that fine brew is released from the sharp looking machine. The tray underneath the espresso or cappuccino cup will also catch any liquid splashing so it does not end up on your counter-space.


It is only two minutes making your desired coffee or tea. The Lattemento Automatic Frothers for Caffitaly are designed specifically for cold and hot frothing depending on the amount of milk.  It is just a matter of following simple direction of hot and cold and the desired amount added.


There are a variety of different beverages you can make ranging from your traditional americano, espresso, coffee, tea or cocoa.  You will delight in the specific items you have to choose from when enjoying the great products from Caffitaly.

Come into our Barrie location and try some from our sampling station!

Visit Home Coffee Solutions at 82 Industry Rd in Toronto, on-line at www.homecoffeesolutions.com and now in Barrie, Ontario at 642 Yonge St.!

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And I thought my hsbuand knew about coffee, HA! He knows nothing compared to you. He actaully takes the day old coffee and re-heats it in the microwave, ew gross. I am far from an expert, one maybe two cups a day, and my current “jolt” of choice is of course 1 can of Red bull a day – never any caffiene after 2 PM, or I’m up half the night.

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