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Caffitaly Ècaffè Cremoso Cream Coffee Capsules

The rich, full-bodied taste of this Arabica based coffee brews a mellow and medium espresso. The beans come from Central-South America and bring a soft, velvety crema.   FEATURES 100%... Learn More

$6.98 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Intenso Espresso Coffee Capsules

A blend of South American Arabica beans with Indian Robusta that creates a well-rounded and velvety espresso.    FEATURES 70% Arabica 30% Robusta Coffee Beans Intensity 8/10 Compatible with Caffitaly Pod... Learn More

$6.98 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Fairtrade Armonioso Espresso Coffee Capsules

The Armonioso coffee is a particularly well-balanced espresso which blends Arabica and Robusta beans together for a complex cup.   FEATURES Fair Trade Certified 80% Arabica 20% Robusta Beans  Intensity... Learn More

$6.98 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Corposo Espresso Coffee Capsules

This coffee blends Asian and African Robusta beans with Arabica for a careful blend. Robusta has a strong and solid flavour where Arabica is aromatic with a softer taste.  ... Learn More

$6.98 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Americano Coffee Capsules

A classic Americano is created when hot water is added to a shot of espresso. The result is a lighter tasting coffee with a full, smooth, taste and traditional crema.   This... Learn More

$6.99 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Decaf Intenso Espresso Coffee Capsules

This bright and full tasting decaffeinated espresso is perfect for all-day drinkers or after dinner. This blend keeps the classic strong aromas expected of a fine quality espresso.   FEATURES 70%... Learn More

$6.99 CAD

Caffitaly Ècaffè Decaf Delicato Espresso Coffee Capsules

This decaffeinated espresso blend has a velvety taste with an intense, enticing aroma. FEATURES 70% Arabica 30% Robusta Intensity 7/10  Less Than 0.1% Caffeine Content Compatible with Caffitaly Pod Brewers... Learn More

$6.99 CAD

Keurig Hot Brewing System K525 Brewer

The K525 was Keurig's first brewer to offer either a single cup of coffee or an entire carafe. This sleek machine is perfect for kitchens and is easy and efficient... Learn More

$249.99 CAD

Pluck Earl Grey Cream Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

All Pluck Teas are sourced from ethical tea partnerships, sustainably managed tea gardens, local and organically certified purveyors, and blended in small batches. This chocolate mint infusion features artisanal cacao... Learn More

$11.99 CAD