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Keurig Products

Keurig® K150P (Plumbed) Commercial Brewing System

The K150 systems are perfect for any taste whether you are brewing coffee, tea, or iced beverages in less than a minute. The modern design and touchscreen makes this brewer a lovely... Learn More

$345.95 CAD

Keurig® K150 K-Cup® Commercial Brewing System

The K150 System is perfect for brewing all K-Cup® beverages, whether it's coffee, tea, or iced beverages in less than a minute. The modern design,  touchscreen, and features make this one... Learn More

$304.99 CAD

Keurig® K155 K-Cup® Commercial Brewing System

The Keurig K155 Brewer is perfect for any taste whether it's coffee, tea, or other K-Cup® beverages to brew in less than a minute. It has a modern design with touchscreen,... Learn More

$349.99 CAD

Keurig K150/K155 Direct Water Line Plumb Kit

To enjoy the full convenience of the Keurig 150 and 155 brewer, use this direct plumb kit to attach the brewer directly to your water line. Never fill up an... Learn More

$99.95 CAD

Keurig K3000SE K-Cup® Commercial Brewing System

The Keurig® K3000SE brewing system is our most advanced brewing system designed for workplaces and is packed with features that provide the utmost convenience in terms of coffee, tea, hot... Learn More

$749.95 CAD

Keurig K130 Brewer

This pour-over machine is simple, small, and perfect for a high traffic area or for a variety of different users. Store it away without it taking up too much room... Learn More

$119.99 CAD

Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewer

The K145 is the best all round brewer for your single-serve needs whether it's coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or iced beverages. Brew anything under a minute and serve whatever taste... Learn More

$214.99 CAD

Keurig Carousel For K-Cup® Pods

Perfect for getting rid of all the boxes and containers cluttering your counter, this tidy carousel keeps all your pods in its place.   FEATURES Holds 27 Stainless Steel Learn More
$19.99 CAD Sold Out

Keurig Hot Brewing System K525 Brewer

The K525 was Keurig's first brewer to offer either a single cup of coffee or an entire carafe. This sleek machine is perfect for kitchens and is easy and efficient... Learn More

$249.99 CAD

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