Lelit Water Softener Filter 2 Pack LEPLA930M (70L)

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Lelit Water Softener Filter 2 Pack LEPLA930M (70L)

Lelit Water Softener Filter 2 Pack LEPLA930M (70L)

$35.99 CAD


Water softener filters from Lelit limit the formation of limestone inside the coffee machine and ensure a better result in the preparation of drinks. 


  • The Lelit 70L Resin cartridges are placed directly in the water tank. 
  • Filters reduces scaly deposits in the heating elements. 
  • Heavy metals and elements in drinking water that have a detrimental effect on flavour. 
  • The filter should be replaced after 350 draws 
  • Made to fit all Lelit coffee machines only.

Filters generally should be changed every 2 months, 

Happy Brewing!

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