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* SALE * Bigelow English Tea-Time Tea Bags

* SALE * Bigelow English Tea-Time Tea Bags

Bigelow hand-picks all of their black tea leaves from high altitude farms for a true traditional tea that is rich and flavourful. The flavours of this tea are traditional to... Learn More

$4.99 CAD

-$5.99 CAD

Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Tea Bags

Historically chamomile is used as a calming sleep aid that comes from a natural source. This tea is an all-natural caffeine-free evening tea.   FEATURES Natural Sleep Aid  All Natural... Learn More

$5.99 CAD

Bigelow Cranberry Apple Tea Bags

Blended with hibiscus, apples, rose, chamomile, and cranberry, this herbal tea is fruity and complex. Inspired by the fall season, this spicy and rich tea is all natural and caffeine... Learn More

$5.99 CAD

Bigelow Darjeeling Tea Bags

Called the "Champagne of Teas", this Darjeeling tea is a blend of black teas sourced from the Himalayas. This tea is strong, robust, and perfect for those who prefer a... Learn More

$5.99 CAD

Bigelow Decaf Earl Grey Tea Bags

The most important part of a great Earl Grey tea is Bergamot Oil. Bigelow sources their Bergamot oil from the same Italian orchard for a consistent and classic taste. This... Learn More

$5.99 CAD

Bigelow Decaf Green Tea Bags

This green tea is a delicate and sweet brew, with notes of floral and spice. This tea is a particular favourite because of the gentle drying process used for the... Learn More

$5.99 CAD