HCS Handleless Milk Frothing Pitcher 350 mL

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HCS Handleless  Milk Frothing Pitcher 350 mL

HCS Handleless Milk Frothing Pitcher 350 mL

$32.99 CAD $37.99 CAD


Reinvent Your Daily Coffee Routine

Crafted with both comfort and control in mind, the Handless Milk Pitcher caters to the needs of home enthusiasts and professional baristas alike.

With its sleek design and meticulous attention to detail, the Normcore Milk Pitcher enables precise milk dosing, controlled texturing, and accurate pouring while ensuring optimal balance in hand.

Feel the pitcher's base to gauge milk temperature during steaming, then effortlessly transition to the comfortable silicone sleeve for unrestricted pouring at any angle.


  • 350 mL 
  • Sharp spout style 

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