Pirates of Coffee Hadoken: Colombia Double Carbonic Maceration Filter

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Pirates of Coffee Hadoken: Colombia Double Carbonic Maceration Filter

Pirates of Coffee Hadoken: Colombia Double Carbonic Maceration Filter

$30.00 CAD


Refined Aroma 

Pirates of Coffee bring a new, more delicate and fruity profile to the classic coffee offering structure. Originating from the hills of Colombia, this coffee will enrich your cup with the complex flavours that change with almost every sip. 

Testing Notes
  • Cardamom, Chai Milk Tea, Guava, Lavender, Mandarin, Pistachio

About This Coffee

This coffee provides a unique experience as the flavour of it changes as the cup cools. With the first sip, this coffee resembles tea, but as it cools down, fruity notes emerge almost transforming this cup into a fruit punch. 

The Process


The Adventure begins when the cherries are first picked by hand from trees. After, cherries are submerged in water tanks and floaters are removed from the surface. Finally, the cherries are hand-sorted and ensured to allow only the best beans to undertake the double fermentation  Process.

Carbonic Maceration

The coffee cherries are sealed right after they are sorted inside 200 litre plastic cans filled with CO2 for a few hours. Then the cherries are partially pulped with some mucilage remaining.

Second Carbonic Maceration

Later, the cherries are placed back into CO2-filled plastic cans for the second step of fermentation.Throughout each fermentation, PH levels and temperature are monitored. Finally the coffee is dried on elbas (patios) for up to 30 days or until it reaches the desired moisture level between 10-12%.

Brewing Guide 


  • 16g coffee (grind: medium/fine)
  • 250ml water (1 minute off boil)
  • 2 minutes, 45 seconds brew time


  • Just before starting, rinse the filter(preferably V60 paper filter) to eliminate any paper taste from your brew. Then, pre-heat your mug/vessel by pouring some hot water into it and then discard that water.

    0:00 - pour 50ml
    0:30 - pour 50ml (total 100ml)
    1:00 - pour 50ml (total 150ml)
    1:30 - pour 50ml (total 200ml)
    2:00 - pour 50ml (total 250ml)

    The brew should end around 2:45, could be a little shorter or longer. Don’t allow it to go past 3:00.

BREW: Filter

FORMAT: 250g

REGION: Calarcá, Quindío, Colombia

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