Torani Syrup: Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie (750ml)

Title: 750ml Bottle
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Torani Syrup: Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie (750ml)

Torani Syrup: Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie (750ml)

$15.30 CAD


There is something about this syrup that reminds us of the holiday and spending time with family. The warmth that envelopes us during that time of happiness and love seems to be encapsulated into the aroma of pumpkin pie. This syrup is great to use in your dessert recipes when you are looking for that perfect sweet and spicy, autumn-inspired flavour. Add a pump or two of this delicious syrup into your latte, top it with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon to create the beloved pumpkin spiced latte. 

The wonderful thing about this syrup is that it is sugar-free so you may not enjoy the essence of pumpkin pie without worrying about your sugar consumption.

About Torani

Developed originally to increase the awareness and popularity of the Italian soda in America, Torani was built on a collection of classic Italian Recipes of syrups and sauces. 


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