Pirates of Coffee Yemen Al Sanaa Anaerobic Natural Whole Bean Filter Coffee

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Pirates of Coffee Yemen Al Sanaa Anaerobic Natural Whole Bean Filter Coffee

Pirates of Coffee Yemen Al Sanaa Anaerobic Natural Whole Bean Filter Coffee

$30.00 CAD


Enjoy The Diversity of Flavour

Pirates of Coffee bring a new, more adventurous and lively profile to the classic coffee offering structure. Originating from the mountains of Yemen, this coffee will enrich your cup with the complex flavours that change with almost every sip. 

Testing Notes
  • Blackcurrant, Sidr Honey, Jackfruit, Pomegranate and Rambutan

Yemen provides complex conditions for coffee growth, with frustrating in-country logistics and a shaky economical landscape. Incredibly, this translates to complex cup profiles and varietals 

The Grade AA Udani variety which this coffee presents comes from Sana'a Yemen which is purchased via Direct Trade by the green coffee organization "We The Origin" directly from the Yemeni coffee producer "Sabcomeed". 

The Process

 The coffee is cut and processed with the work of 50 farmers from the Al Sanaa village. The temperature there ranges between 9 to 25 degrees Celsius with the sun exposure lasting around 8 hours per day. The anaerobic process is achieved through bag fermentation right as the coffee cherries are picked, washed and placed in Ecotact bags for 72 hours maintaining a PH level of 3.6. The cherries are then placed on raised beds and left to dry between 14 to 20 days. The process takes place at the altitude of 1800 masl.

Brewing Guide 


  • 16g coffee (grind: medium/fine)
  • 250ml water (1 minute off boil)
  • 2 minutes, 45 seconds brew time


  • Just before starting, rinse the filter(preferably V60 paper filter) to eliminate any paper taste from your brew. Then, pre-heat your mug/vessel by pouring some hot water into it and then discard that water.

    0:00 - pour 50ml
    0:30 - pour 50ml (total 100ml)
    1:00 - pour 50ml (total 150ml)
    1:30 - pour 50ml (total 200ml)
    2:00 - pour 50ml (total 250ml)

    The brew should end around 2:45, could be a little shorter or longer. Don’t allow it to go past 3:00.

BREW: Filter

FORMAT: 100g

REGION: Sana'a, Yemen

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