Weber Workshops Espresso Paper Filter Pack (55mm)

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Weber Workshops Espresso Paper Filter Pack (55mm)

Weber Workshops Espresso Paper Filter Pack (55mm)

$15.00 CAD


 The New Way to Brew! 

Enhance your espresso experience with the addition of paper filters beneath the coffee puck. This thoughtful touch minimizes clogging in the portafilter/unifilter basket holes, promoting a consistently even extraction. By preventing excessive flow at the basket holes, the paper filter facilitates uniform water distribution throughout the puck, particularly in its lower section. This innovation allows for the use of a finer grind, elevating extraction yield without extending shot times. While introducing an extra step, the resulting reward is a noticeably improved and refined shot of espresso.


  • Made in Japan with premium coffee filter paper 
  • Precision cut to fit the bottom of your portafilter 

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