It comes as no surprise that the single serve brewing industry has gone through a revolution in the past few years. With Keurig, Nespresso, Illy and Tassimo boldly breaking through barriers and surging ahead with one game-changing innovation after another, we now have a whole repertoire of brewers, accessories and beverages.

For those of you looking ahead and curious about what is coming up in the single serve world, here are a few highlights from this year so far:

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has made several strategic moves over the last few months. Firstly, they’ve teamed up with Krispy Kreme to create K-Cups that will be available later in 2014. Krispy Kreme fans can now look forward to bringing the delicious donut and coffee experience to their homes.

Lavazza, Italy’s pride and joy in coffee beans, has also teamed up with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to work towards developing a K-Cup. The dynamic duo are all set to release their new K-Cups in Canada next year.

Lastly, and in my opinion most interesting, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has also partnered with Coca Cola to bring sodas, enhanced waters, juices, sports drinks and teas to homes with the same one-touch technology as Keurig Coffee Brewers via the Keurig Cold. These brewers are scheduled to be in market in 2015 and are sure to produce more varied and exciting home beverage options.

Nespresso, not to be left behind, has also developed a new brewer that has the capabilities of brewing both regular sized American Coffees and an espresso. This new line of brewers called the Vertuoline will be available at our retail stores any day now.

What do you think of these new developments? Will you buy a Keurig Cold to make your very own Coke at home? Would you like to be able to make a regular sized American Coffee using your Nespresso?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Watch a demonstration of what this innovative brewer is capable of:

Stay tuned for more news and exciting updates in the ever-changing world of single serve coffee and tea right here at Home Coffee Solutions.

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