The evolution of the coffee industry is peppered with unexpected twists and facts. Whether it is the origin of the civet coffee (where coffee beans are extracted from an Asian Palm Civet after being consumed and digested by the animal!), or the fact that coffee is the second most highly traded commodity in the world. Here are a few more unexpected stories that have developed more recently in the fascinating world of coffee.

How would you like to major in Coffee?

The true beauty of coffee is its capacity to satisfy the regular consumer who needs that early morning cup of joe and also the coffee connoisseur for whom every nuance of flavor and aroma is a significant component that defines one roast from another. Given the vast spectrum of dimensions that the beverage represents, the University of California is considering the introduction of “Coffee” as a new field of study. Currently housed in the ‘UC Davis Coffee Center’, students of the university are able to take classes exploring the chemical components of coffee.

Now that’s certainly one-way to learn how to make that perfect cup of joe!


Having trouble sleeping?

The last thing you would turn to would probably be a cup of coffee. A Vancouver based coffee lover decided to do away with that infamous reputation of the beverage leading to sleep deprivation and developed a coffee blend that will relax you and put you to sleep! Deland Jessop, a professor of entrepreneurship at Lassar College, created the decaffeinated coffee recipe, which includes valerian root, know to have sedative properties, thereby creating a more relaxing side effect when consumed.

Imagine being able to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee every night and then promptly drift off into a deep and relaxing sleep. How dreamy is that!



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