As 2015 rolls in, we at Office Coffee Solutions would like to begin a new year with a very exciting and positive new initiative. The ever-evolving coffee industry is heavily dependent on our planet and its resources and as an active participant in this industry, we take our responsibility as a business and the effect we have within our community and our environment, very seriously.

As a way by which we can give back to the environment that has sustained our business, Office Coffee Solutions is launching a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility plan this year. The first of these initiatives is to become a carbon balanced company by January of 2015 and furthermore to contribute actively to our triple bottom line that accommodates the business, the community and the planet.

To launch our new green initiative, we have recently partnered with The Carbon Farmer, an organization that is dedicated to helping businesses offset their carbon footprint by planting a tree in Canada’s boreal forest located in Alberta. For every ton of energy we use or pollution we emit, Office Coffee Solutions, through The Carbon Farmer, offsets this footprint to negate any adverse effects our operations may have on the environment. Furthermore, OCS will now be planting a tree for each and every new client that utilizes our comprehensive office solution.

This is merely the first step in a series of transformations in the way we conduct our business to make our planet a more environmentally sound home. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements on how we plan on changing and revolutionizing our business and industry.

Click here to VISIT our virtual forest to see our NEW FOREST in action.

At OCS, we truly care - after all, there is no Planet B.

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