Have you walked into a Starbucks lately and sampled the new Oprah Chai Tea by Teavana? We did and it got us thinking about other celebrities who have forayed into the coffee and tea industry. As it turns out, there’s a fairly comprehensive list of coffee fans within celebrities:

X-Men Superstar, Hugh Jackman, began Laughing Man Coffee & Tea in New York City. This incredible initiative not only creates a premium cup of coffee or tea, but also supports communities, education and new businesses all around the world with 50% of its revenues donated to support these initiatives. Check out the website and Mr. Jackman’s special message about this project.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is best known for his profound performances on screen, reputation for impeccable taste and his environment-centric activism. It is with this attention to the finer details and concern for the environment that Mr. DiCaprio teamed up with La Colombe coffee to create a premium quality roast of coffee. The project donates to various charities hosted by The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Read more about this charitable roast here

All you Rock ‘n Roll fans will appreciate knowing that Joey Kramer, the drummer from the iconic band – Aerosmith is rocking the coffee industry too with his company: Rockin’ & Roastin’. With three delicious coffee blends to choose from, Mr. Kramer seems to be taking the coffee industry by storm just as he has playing on stage with his superstar band mates. Check it out here

When a friend suggested that surrealist film director and coffee enthusiast, David Lynch, pursue his passion for coffee by developing his own roast, he immediately explored roasters in a quest to find the perfect blend to satisfy his connoisseur tastes. Here is an interesting read about how Mr. Lynch came to love coffee: 

And finally, we certainly can’t forget about the celebrity in our k-cup collection! We’re lucky that at Home Coffee Solutions, we get a little taste of fame with k-cups from Wolfgang Puck, available to sample in one at one of our retail locations.

It is not surprising that these celebrities are turning to coffee or tea to explore new business endeavours. After all, coffee and tea seem to have a propensity for bringing together people, interests, cultures and businesses. 

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