Everyone asks us about which brewer would best work for them and we always say the same – What do you want from your coffee brewer? It really is so subjective!

During the month of June, we’re holding a ‘Taste-Off’ between 8 of our most popular brewers. Stop by our Barrie store to cast your vote on your favourite brewer.

Let us introduce you to the contestants:

My Invento Vs. Suncana

For anyone who is a fan of brewing coffee pods, the Suncana Pod brewer is the epitome of efficiency and convenience. The beauty of this brewer is not only does it produce a delicious beverage, but it also offers the flexibility of brewing multiple sizes of coffee.

Whether it is a cup of coffee, a cappuccino or a tea, this brewer will produce a spectacular beverage! The best part is that the brewer happens to have a separate tea pod capsule, perfect for tea lovers!

Illy Vs. Nespresso

The beautifully designed Illy X7.1 brewer will be a work of art on your counterspace. Whether it is an espresso or a latte, this brewer with its built in steamer will create an espresso beverage for you in a space of minutes. Pair this brewer with Illy’s premium quality coffee and you will bring back the European essence to your coffee drinking.

An espresso challenge is not complete without exploring the ubiquitous Nespresso brewer. The Pixie is compact, easy to use and incredibly efficient. Pair this brewer with an Aerroccino frother and our Nespresso Compatible Capsules, and you can start exploring exciting latte recipes or indulge in a classic espresso.  

Tassimo Vs. Caffitaly

Tassimo’s Barcode Technology brings excellence, efficiency and consistency to your brewing experience. The Tassimo T 20 is incredibly easy to use where you can create a mocha or a cappuccino without having to worry about frothing the milk. It all happens by merely inserting the capsule and hitting a button!

The beauty of the Caffitaly system isn’t just the modular designed brewers, but also the fact that with the push of a button, you can brew a variety of drinks using the brewers. From an espresso to a coffee or even a hot cup of tea, Caffitaly will perfectly brew the beverage and bring the café elegance of the drink to your home or office.

Keurig Vs. Cuisinart

Keurig has successfully become a household name in the single serve industry. The particular advantage of the Keurig K145 is that it has the efficiency of an office brewer with 3 cup sizes, with the ease of use and flexibility of also being ideal for home use.

Keurig has partnered with Cuisinart to offer a single cup home brewing system. Brew a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in under a minute. The advantage of this brewer over the Keurig K145 is that you have an option of 5-cup sizes and that the Cuisinart is My K-Cup compatible. For those of you who are particular about customizing coffees with your Keurig brewer, this is the choice for you!

With such a spectacular array of brewer options, you probably now know why it’s so challenging to pick just ONE! Stop by our store through the month of June and sample a coffee or two on us with these amazing brewers. The winner of our own Brewer World Cup will be announced on June 6th!

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