Keurig has a few brewers out there taking Coffee Lovers’ hearts by storm by making a quick and excellent cup of joe. A very simple machine including a reservoir (not all have them) is the Keurig B40 Elite Brewer.  It was the Dutch architect  Van der Rohe who said, “less is more” and through this reliable machine, you will understand how. The Keurig Elite offers a few features making your life simple.


48 oz Water Reservoir

You will not have to fill up the brewer every time you make a coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc... It is one less thing to worry about when entertaining. With the cups sizes, you will be guaranteed 6-8 Cups of coffee depending on the sizes selected. The reservoir is detachable or accessible by taking the lid off. However you want to refill it, it will be your choice in the simplest manner.

Activation Lighting

On the top right-hand side are lights communicating the actions needed to be in line of maintenance. If you are running low on water, the light will glow. If you are in need of descaling, that light will show as well. Keep in mind, if the beverage is not the full cup size, that is a sign to descale any brewer. As well, when the machine is warming up, you will know to be patient when the “heating” light is aglow. When it is complete and ready to go, it will go off and you are one step closer to enjoying your cup of coffee.

Two Cup Sizes

Available are small and large cup sizes, 6oz and 8oz. For the regular cup of coffee, choose the 8oz option and if you are having people over, choose the 6oz option for adding syrups or mixes. By mixes I mean Kahlua, Baileys, Jameson etc... It will allow for you to have the proper ratio to make the perfect after-dinner Holiday drink.

Adjustabe Brewing Tray

For that perfect 8oz coffee cup, leave the tray alone and place the cup on top, if you are heading to work and have your own travel-mug, remove the tray and give yourself ample room.  It is completely versatile in whatever amount or space needed.

Gift Idea

This week, a great idea for present pairing is our Timothy’s Cinnamon Pastry mixed with a dash of Torani Bacon Flavoured Syrup. Nothing is better than the taste of cinnamon pastry (similar to French toast) accented by the savoury splendor of succulent bacon. It may sound odd but trust me, I was cynical about it and now I am a devoted fan!

Visit Home Coffee Solutions at 82 Industry Rd in Toronto, on-line at and now... in Barrie, Ontario at 642 Yonge St.!


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I just bohugt one 3 I just bohugt one 3 days ago. Came with a different filter, and it makes a great cup of coffee. Way better than one we had before. The filter makes a huge difference if you have hard water. I like the fact that you can take the filter holder out, clean that bad-bitty up, while cleaning the filter and have a fresh pot every time. It looks like the filter you pulled out of there was used .

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