The K-cup is a great innovation in single serve home coffee brewing. For those that don’t know, the K-cup is a portion-controlled pack of coffee, tea, or other hot beverage for use in a Keurig brewer.  Once it’s in there, a hole is punched in both the lid and bottom and water runs through the K-cup and into your mug, brewing a great cup of fresh coffee every time.

The team at Home Coffee Solutions is a huge fan of Keurig - and here's our list of our favourite k-cups for use in your single serve brewer:




K-cups may be branching out into new and exciting territory, but for many people it all starts and ends with coffee. Here are some of the quality coffee K-cups we love:

Timothy's Perfectly Pumpkin - Pumpkin coffee is one of those holiday flavours you just have to try! Tastes just like pumpkin pie.

Green Mountain Coffee's Half-Caff - For when you just need a small pick-me-up! It's not quite decaf so it has the caffeinated coffee flavor but won't keep you up late.

Coffee People's Donut Shop Coffee - A classic donut shop coffee with a taste you know and love. Perfect for your first cup in the morning.





Of course, we do realize that there are also tea lovers out there and we do offer a variety of tea K-cups, as well.  Tea lovers are just as passionate about their favourite drink as the most ardent coffee-lover, and the selection of tea K-cups at Home Coffee Solutions takes that into consideration. Here are the ones we reach for most often:

Celestial Seasonings' English Breakfast Tea - Great plain, with milk or a little honey, this traditional tea is a nice alternative to coffee when you hit that afternoon slump!

Twinnings' Earl Grey Tea - Twinnings does not disappoint with this k-cup. We like it in the morning, evening… whenever!

Bigelow's Green Tea - This tea is a mellow-and fresh tasting brew. Just what you want from a green tea.


Specialty Drinks

If you still love a hot drink but aren’t looking for a coffee or tea, there’s still a K-cup for you. These are our top 3:

Café Escapes' Hot Cocoa - This is a favourite drink for all ages! This k-cup has a great chocolate taste. Don't forget to add a marshmallow!

Grove Square's Spiced Apple Cider - Normally a holiday treat, this spiced apple cider is easy and quick to make with your Keurig brewer.

Timothy's White Hot Chocolate - What a treat! This white hot chocolate is smooth, creamy and delicious. Try mixing it with your favourite coffee k-cup for a new twist.

Take a look at our huge k-cup selection and start making your list of favourites. Let us know which k-cup you like best.

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