Coffee mugs have evolved from simple hot beverage vessels to a creative expression of something their owners find meaningful, hilarious or even heartwarming. A picture of a family member or pet, a wise quote, a funny saying or a whimsical photo, can be found on millions of coffee cups around the world. And whatever you choose, it says something about who you are as a person.


For many coffee lovers, whether they enjoy their coffee at home or at work, their mug is an extension of their arm. It sits on their desk and is raised every so often, it’s carried around the office and sipped on occasionally and seen by coworkers, friends and family.  Have you ever thought about what your coffee mug says about you as a person?


Is your mug adorned with a quotation from a wise man or woman that speaks to your beliefs? Does it feature a photo of a hero you admire? You are a thoughtful person who is motivated to do your best each day.


Is your mug a wacky shape? Does it tell a joke or feature a cartoon character? You are an easy-going coffee drinker who doesn't take life to seriously and enjoys a little humour to start your day.


Do you carry around a travel mug at all times? Does your mug feature a photo of an exotic locale, or is it a souvenir from a past trip? You are jet-setter who is always on the go. Lucky you - you've likely had the chance to taste some of the best coffees in the world!


Is your mug high-tech, state-of-the-art, and optimized to keep your drink hot for hours? You are a serious coffee-lover who puts a lot of thought into his or her morning cup of joe. It's likely a latte or espresso with perfectly frothed milk!


Do you use a different mug every day? You might fall into all of the above categories. You like variety in your coffee, and your life!


Coffee mugs say a lot about the person you are. It can give people an easy insight into what drives you, what warms your heart, what your dreams are made of and what is most important in your life.


Why not show off your individuality with a mug that means something to you, or get one personalized to show off just who you are inside. Every time you pick it up, you’ll be reminded of your passion, and your cup of coffee will be even more enjoyable. Check out Home Coffee Solutions' accessories to find a mug that speaks to you!

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