It’s getting cold out there, and there is nothing more soothing than a hot cup of coffee in the morning to not only pick you up, but warm you up. Keurig accessories make it easier to use your coffee brewer, and one even adds a little something extra to that morning brew.


Keurig’s K-Cup Carousel is a must have for anyone with a Keurig machine. You can opt for the all chrome finish or the black plastic finish, the former holds 27 K cups, the latter, 30. Each has a base that swivels 360 degrees, so it’s as easy as can be to pick whatever morning, afternoon, or evening brew you desire.


If you aren’t in the mood for a K Cup, and want to brew a cup of that ground coffee you bought on vacation or got from a friend, try the My K-Cup filter, which allows you to brew any type of ground coffee using the same Keurig machine you currently have. Just swap out your current filter, pop in this one full of your custom blend and enjoy.


For those of you who have already gone the extra mile in your quest for the perfect brew and have purchased a water filter kit, make sure you buy the Keurig water filter replacements from our website. This will ensure that every time you pour tap water through the kit, you get the cleanest, purest water for your cup of joe.


All Keurig accessories are designed with your coffee in mind. So one of the most important accessories you should pick up are replacement funnels for your Keurig brewer. This will help make sure each cup tastes as fresh as possible, as long as you swap them out regularly and replace damaged funnels. And we sell them at a low, low price, to make sure you keep your costs per cup low.


The last Keurig accessory is definitely the one you’ll be most pleased with. Keurig’s one-touch milk frother turns your coffee into a café beverage with perfect frothed milk! Just fill, press, pour and in as little as 90 seconds you can enjoy either warmed or frothed milk to add to your favourite coffee beverage. You can even get creative and try to pour some designs into your cup! Best of all, its beautiful stainless steel design and non-stick surface make it a breeze to clean.


So pick up a few of these wonderful Keurig accessories from Home Coffee Solutions and stay warm this winter with a perfectly brewed cup of your favourite coffee, thanks to Keurig!

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