Coffee that is produced from beans that have not been roasted is often referred to as green coffee. Historically, this type of coffee was produced before the modern-day roasted variety, before coffee roasting processes were developed. Today, many people believe there is a link between the consumption of green coffee and weight loss.

News programs, magazine articles and even talk shows have devoted airtime and space to the green coffee debate and whether its purported health benefits are in fact based in reality.

At the centre of the debate is the active ingredient in green coffee, chlorogenic acid. This substance is said to increase glucose production and the metabolic processes of the liver. This leads many nutritionists to believe its long-term consumption could help lower the risk of diseases like diabetes.

The same acid’s effects are also what many believe speeds up weight loss. Studies have suggested that chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of fat and increases the metabolism of excess fat. If true, this would allow many to lose some weight by simply consuming the beverage or supplements over a period of time. Check out Dr. Oz's fact sheet on green coffee for more about these reported health benefits of green coffee.

Countless supplement companies have started packaging the bean and its magic ingredient into capsule form and are selling it as a weight loss supplement for those looking for something to complement their exercise and diet regimens.

While green coffee has its supporters, it also has its detractors. Some are decrying the publicity surrounding the bean, saying it will discourage people from continuing diets if green coffee is marketed as something that can break down fats faster. While studies show it can, some ads make it seem that no change in diet is needed to achieve results.

Plenty of exercise and a healthy diet is still important for those who wish to lose weight. And while some studies have been completed, green coffee is relatively new to the weight loss scene, and many believe more studies on its potential effect on the human body should be conducted to prove its benefits.

For now, green coffee is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, as the effects of long-term consumption of chlorogenic acid in children has not yet been studied.

So if you are thinking about following the hype and drinking green coffee or taking supplements, make sure you continue to diet and exercise to ensure optimal health. A balance between proper nutrition and physical activity is the only tried, tested and true method for those who want to ensure a healthy path to their ideal form.

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