Valentine’s is celebrated in many countries around the world as an opportunity to acknowledge that special someone in your life. That’s why at Home Coffee Solutions we brought together a few of our most passionate coffee aficionados to select their much loved blends for the coffee, tea and chocolate lover in your life!

Keurig K-Cup: Whether you love Chocolate, Coffee or Tea the Keurig K-Cup offers something for everyone. 

For Chocolate K-Cup Lovers we’ve combined the mix of creamy hot chocolate and dark chocolate from Grove Square with the richness of Cafe Escapes.  -Prepare with love: top with marshmallows and little red heart shaped candies-

For Coffee K-Cup Lovers we’ve assembled a light to dark roast k-cup bundle as well as a flavoured coffee K-Cup bundle; featuring Timothy’s famous German Chocolate Cake, Donut House’s Chocolate Glazed Donut and Van Houtte’s Belgian Chocolate.  -Prepare with love: top with whipped cream, 1 cinnamon stick and Torani cinnamon syrup-

For Tea K-Cup Lovers we chose flavoured teas for a twist of natural spices from Celestial Seasonings’ India Spice Chai Tea, Bigelow’s Green Tea with Pomegranate and Timothy’s Peppermint Tea.  -Prepare with love: add warm milk, brown sugar and nutmeg to the Chai Tea and lemon juice, lemon wedges and honey to the Green and Peppermint Teas-

Tassimo T-Discs: With the added benefit of espresso-based beverages in addition to regular coffee, tea and hot chocolate, we could not neglect our Tassimo fanatics. 

For Chocolate T-Disc Lovers, we put together the sweetness of Cadbury’s hot chocolate T-Disc with Nabob’s Latte and Torani’s Classic Caramel Syrup.  -Prepare with love: top with mini marshmallows and your favourite chocolate bar crumbled (e.g. Snickers)-

For Coffee T-Disc Lovers we’re keeping versatile with roasts; offering Nabob’s Espresso, a traditional medium roast by Maxwell House along with a light Breakfast Blend by Nabob. This is the perfect assortment for a couple with varying tastes.  -Prepare with love: add caramel liqueur, almond extract and top with a dollop of cream-

For Tea T-Disc Lovers share tea with that special someone this season, Tetley offers Orange Pekoe and Green Tea followed by Twining’s specialty of the Chai Tea Latte.  -Prepare with love: for Tetley varieties add mint leaves and mint sprig, honey and lemon juice for a Mint Winter Mixer and for the Chai Tea Latte add Irish Cream liqueur and a dash of nutmeg-

Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Tea: If you don’t own a Keurig or Tassimo brewer though you still love coffee, tea and hot chocolate, here are our picks for you!

For Espresso Coffee Lovers that enjoy the elegance of tradition coupled with stylish modern design the Illy Cappuccino Cups, matching Illy spoons and medium ground Illy coffee is a fine Valentine’s Day gift.  -Prepare with love: add hazelnut liqueur (or syrup), chocolate sauce, Marshmallow Crème and finely chopped nuts for a Rocky Road Cappuccino-

For Chocolate Lovers the Bodum has a sharp looking Jug designed especially for hot chocolate accented with Kayo Swiss Hot Cocoa. Anything Swiss will delight your tastebuds and impress your “better” half on this day.  -Prepare with love: add maple syrup, vanilla extract and unsweetened cocoa powder for a Maple Chocolate Shooter-

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Home Coffee Solutions

Home Coffee Solutions

Thank you Kendra, make sure to give them a try and keep reading up on our ideas. We hope they will inspire you!



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