If you love tea, the ancient Chinese way of enjoying it, the way of aesthetic quality taking you to a place of Zen and a small moment of Utopia, “My Cup Of Tea” is the way to go. With flower blossoming tea in handcrafted glassware, you, your friends and family will be impressed with their line of premium teas and accessories. 

To help you select a tea that best suits your needs throughout the day, here's an overview of the loose leaf tea series by My Cup of Tea .

Morning Teas:

Most people are waking up in the mornings with a strong tea with higher levels of caffeine. Lychee Red Tea is a great choice with a 4/5 caffeine level and the lychee adds a nice touch of flavour making daybreak pleasant and sweet. Ginsend Oolong Tea is an energizing tea  with a strong taste of oolong and a bittersweet aftertaste featuring several health benefits including promoting vitality, digestion and lowering cholesterol. Both teas will help you start your day off right. 

Mid-day Teas:

Mid-day can get you into a slump and a little pick-me-up to jumpstart your afternoon is sometimes needed. In this case, our advice is to steep a green or oolong tea. Both have histories of giving you the much needed organic energy needed to complete your daily tasks in life. My Cup of Tea has a few to choose from including Green OolongMilk Oolong, Pi Lo Chun Spring Time Green, Dragon Well, Jasmine Pearl and Silver Needle White Tea (in descending caffeine levels). These will help clear your thoughts and concentrate on your Drishti (view or gaze), needed to focus on accomplishing the goals you have set.

Evening Teas:

When it is all said and done at the end of the day, a much needed natural herbal relaxant is what the Dr. has ordered. Chinese tea is known to soothe the body, mind and soul, making all three in sync. In this case, treat yourself to an herbal tea (caffeine free). Its aromas calm nerves and help you ease into the restful stage of your day. While trying the Red Rose Buds or the Chrysanthemum Tea, take deep breathes in between sips and create your own well deserved Utopia.

My Cup of Tea has a wide variety of teas for all your morning, afternoon and night routines. 

Stop by our stores 82 Industry St. in Toronto and 642 Yonge St. in Barrie or visit us online; www.homecoffeesolutions.com and we would be happy to accommodate your ‘tea needs.’

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