Timothy’s Parisian Nights is a coffee strong in flavour, full and robust. It was created to remind us of the ‘City of Lights’: complete with passion, enjoyed best by night and altogether invigorating. 

Here's why we believe Parisian Nights is sizzling hot during the Month of Love!

Timothy's Parisian Nights is bold and complete with passion best when sipped at sidewalk cafes, with a loved one by a warm fireplace or during a leisurely walk (hopefully) along the Right Bank or Left Bank of the Seine. This smokey blend is a full, robust creation that refuses to go unnoticed. Allow the wonderful aroma of a freshly brewed cup transport you to Paris with the sounds of Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour.

Timothy's Parisian Nights is roasted perfectly dark to a deep colour that is reminiscent of Paris nights. Indulge in the rich and flavourful tastes of this extra bold blend and allow the romance to spring up as it does on every corner and bridge in the 'City of Love'. This thick and hearty coffee can be enjoyed black for those that enjoy a rich flavour and with milk or cream for extra sweetness. 

Timothy's Parisian Nights is altogether invigorating with it's strong yet smooth, complex but not bitter profile so reminiscent of European coffees. A beloved of dark roast, it will leave you feeling invigorated, ready to get out there and enjoy life. And it is not just the caffeine giving you the extra bounce, it is everything you love about the strength of this bold coffee and how it makes you smile at the end of the day.

Life is enjoyed, poetically written about and truly lived in Paris and Timothy’s will accommodate this zest with its Parisian Nights.

Give it a try at 82 Industry Rd. in Toronto, 642 Yonge St in Barrie or visit us on-line, www.homecoffeesolutions.com


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Home Coffee Solutions

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