Where Does the Coffee in Green Mountain K-Cups Come From?

Much like wine, coffee expresses its flavour through many regional characteristics. Differences in soil, rainfall, altitude, processing techniques, including harvest time and drying methods can all factor in to give the coffee from each region a unique taste. One of our favourite K-Cup brands, Green Mountain, harvests its coffee from 3 main regions. Let's take a look at what the coffee from these regions is like: 

The Americas: Here, there are many different kinds of Green Mountain coffee produced: Hawaii’s lush shores that produce light coffee with very little bitterness, to the rich and spicy blends from Guatemala and finally to the mild and sweet Peruvian varieties. Despite huge differences between climates and processes in the Americas, coffee that originates there are ones associated with “classic coffee” taste, both from their smooth and well balanced taste to their enchanting aroma. 

Africa: Coffee here grows wild in the steep luscious mountains of Africa, and it grows incredibly well thanks to the amount of sun and the volume of rain. This wild origin adds to the flavour of African beans. Coffee grown here is often very fruity, and is reminiscent of a fine wine. Most coffee from the continent is exported from Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Green Mountain cultivates a great deal from this region.

Indonesia: Coffee from this region boasts a particularly rich, smooth taste. Coupled with a heady aroma, these coffees distinguish themselves from other regions’ coffee with their full-bodied, earthy feel, and are easily capable of carrying their flavour through milk and cream. Much of Indonesia’s coffee is grown on islands, mainly Java and Sumatra. This gives each island its own slight flavour variations. 

Green Mountain Coffee specializes in coffee grown in these regions, providing an incredible variety in terms of taste and aroma. Be sure to sample K-cups from all of these regions, and you’ll begin to notice the unique characteristics of each. Click here to shop all Green Mountain Coffee!

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