St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and in any city or town, there will be lots going on to bring in the day. Chicago will dye the river green, pubs will be hopping but what if you do not want to be surrounded by crowds of people enjoying the craic (Irish Gaelic for ‘good time’). Well you can enjoy your own, craic in quieter settings with a few items offered by Home Coffee Solutions.

First off, Timothy’s offers a great flavoured coffee, Irish Cream. For those of you who do not drink, this is a great alternative if you still want to enjoy the great flavour offered by  Bailey’s. To get a similar texture, make sure to add some cream. After that, add sugar at your discretion.

If you are enjoying just a regular coffee of your choice, you can always add some Torani, Irish Cream Syrup. This is not just great in coffee, but add it to ice cream allowing your kids to enjoy in the festivities. Add a touch of fresh mint to make it more Irish. You may choose to search for a four leaf clover but you'll save time by using mint.

Now, for anyone having a Keurig, Tassimo, Illy or Nespresso, you have the machine, you simply need to choose your favourite coffee, (americano for the Nespresso or Illy Machines).

This is how to make your very own Irish Coffee!

You will need a glass mug, (regular cup is fine) your favourite K-Cup, T-Disc or caspule, whip cream and good ol’ Irish whiskey. Jameson is a faithful one to use as it has been used for centuries in the Emerald Isle. I myself prefer to treat myself to a Red Breast (the Priest’s whiskey as it was called back in the day; saved for when the Priest visited).

1. Before using the glass mug, put just a wee bit of boiling water in it to warm it up.

2. Swirl it around so it gets every part of the inside and dump the water out.

3. Add whichever coffee you decided on.

4. Pour one or two ounces of the Irish whiskey into the glass.

5. Add whip cream to the top of the coffee.

6. Garnish with a cherry or mint leaf and enjoy.

This Irish Whiskey is best enjoyed after a long meal or as a night cap before heading off to bed. 

Whatever your plans for St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to enjoy the craic, whether it be in a pub or taking it easy with family and a nice meal.

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