It is safe to say that Single-Serve Coffee machines are more than just a trend in today’s world. Whether you are suburban, urban or rural, it seems everyone’s lives are very busy and a great tasting coffee at just the push of a button fits many peoples lifestyles. Even die-hard coffee aficionados are giving them a chance… and liking them! Tired of the drip, then you will have to figure out which machine is best for you.

At our retail stores, many people lost in the coffee world come in wondering which one to buy and I typically break this question down into three categories.

“Do you prefer a drip coffee, the versatility between drip and specialty coffee or strictly specialty coffee, i.e. espresso, cappuccino or lattes?”

Here how to make the right choice for you:

1.       If you prefer drip coffee, you should stick with the Keurig. The Keurig Brewers, (along with Breville and Cuisinart)are the single-cup brewer's answer to drip coffees. There are over 200 to choose from based on light roasts to dark roasts and flavoured coffees. The wide selection will keep you busy trying different brands, deciding which ones you and your family love the most. Keep in mind, there are more options than simply coffee including teas, hot chocolates and ciders. The K-Cup option is perfect for a family with varying tastes.


2.       When the versatility of drip coffees and specialty coffees is your preferance, Tassimo is the way to go. For example, this is a great solution for couples where one prefers a regular coffee and the other is adamant on a cappuccino, latte or espresso. Tassimo offers different choices of T-Discs for drip coffee as well as specialty coffees. The full selection is not as large as the K-Cup selection but it does offer the ability to make a variety of standard and specialty beverages.


3.       When someone prefers a specialty coffee, our personal favourites are the Nespresso or Illy Brewers. Both brewers produce a quality espresso, americano, cappuccino or latte comparable to the old world method of production. Both have an outcome that any connoisseur in the coffee world will appreciate. Nespresso is from Switzerland and Illy is from Italy. The Swiss love their efficiency and formulas and the Nespresso espresso shot is something they are very proud of. The design is a Van der Rohe approach of, “less is more.” It is simplistic and very modern. The Illy X7 in comparison has a lot of detail in its design. It is a sharp retro look available in a bold red or black to compliment any kitchen.

If you have any questions about what Brewer is right for you, visit us in-store in Toronto at 82 Industry St (Black Creek/Eglinton) and in Barrie at 642 Yonge St (Big Bay Point/Yonge) or contact us at We'll help you decide the brewer perfect for you in your abode!

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