Planet Bean, a local coffee bean roasting company from Guelph has been enriching the lives of coffee aficionados for many a years now. They hold true to the tradition of how coffee should be grown, dried, roasted and appreciated by those who follow the art of this premium blend. If knowledge is power, you will be masterful if you have the good fortune to take part in a “coffee cupping” by their master roasters. It is done similarly to wine tasting so for those who love coffee and wine, you will want to read further! This is how my "coffee cupping" experience went last March.

There are six rocks glasses set out in front of you. Each has freshly ground coffee ranging from a lighter to darker colour. The aroma is released fully when you begin the stirring process; surrounding you with a tantalizing scent. Next you add hot water followed by “spooning”. This doesn't involve cuddling; rather stirring in all the grounds with the water to get an even mixture. When this is complete, use the spoon to take off the top sediment that has not settled during the process. 

At this point, you get to learn about acidity and more about taste. The lighter ones will have more acidity but this is not a bad thing, rather quite the opposite. The lighter the coffee grounds, the more floral accents will be in the taste and aroma. I myself prefer the carbon tastes of a darker roast; though I now also appreciate the character of a lighter roast. Acidity may have a bad wrap, but after a proper coffee cupping, you will change your mind and grow to love the aromas and tastes it offers.

Last but not least, you get to leave your manners at home! 

Slurp... yes slurp and make as much noise as you can when taking in the full flavour. Normally the louder the sound, the more you enjoy so let’s get loud!

Planet Bean roasts its own beans, and its short shelf life is apparent in the fresh taste and robust flavours. I really like that they support Fair Trade in Africa, Asia and South America and their coffee is certified organic as well.

There you have it, this is what a tasting, “Coffee Cupping” is like from Planet Bean. It is an exclusive experience not enjoyed enough by coffee lovers. 

Join us at our Barrie location for an exclusive VIP "Coffee Cupping" event hosted by Planet Bean on Thursday, April 19th, 2013. The first 15 people to sign up get to experience "Coffee Supping" and some cool gifts.

Come into Home Coffee Solutions at 642 Yonge St. in Barrie, Ontario and sign up with a donation of $5. It will all be worth it.

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