How to Choose Your Office Coffee Service Provider

By Office Coffee Solutions

Exceptional office coffee service can perk up your office and keep employees satisfied. Know what to look for when evaluating office coffee service providers.

1. Know what is important to your company. There are various products, brewing systems and programs available; the only way to get what you truly need it to know what you’re trying to achieve. Your company should be clear on what is most important in their office coffee service. Is it quality of coffee? Offering a wide variety of blends? Carrying Fair-trade, eco or organic products? Or is it cost? Be clear on what is important and your Provider should list a few options that meet your objectives.

2. Good equipment is key. The key to consistent service and a quality beverage is good equipment. Faulty equipment can result in on-going maintenance problems and a lower quality beverage.  Look for providers that offer equipment from trusted brands.

3. Look for a provider with exceptional customer service.  Ask your prospective coffee service provider how quickly they respond to requests for maintenance and service and how often are they introducing exciting and new products. A good provider should be able to provide same or next day service.

4. A contract is NOT necessary. A good coffee service provider should rely on the strength of their product and service to keep the business. Be wary of companies that ask you to sign a long contract without an out clause.

5. Don’t Purchase the Machine. While your company may think that it’ll save money by buying a machine, this is a risky proposition. Eventually, all machines need servicing or replacing, if your company owns the machine it’s on the hook for repairs and replacements, which can be costly. If the machine is owned by the office coffee provider it is in their best interest to maintain the machine in perfect condition and repairs and replacements are also on them.

6. Ask for references. This one is common sense, but a lot of companies still don’t ask for references. You should ask your provider for references of accounts that are similar to your company. 

7. Make sure to use filtered water. It ensures a good quality beverage and reduces service issues by minimizing scale in the brewer.  Ask your provider whether they offer water filtration for the brewer.

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