There are many iced tea and iced coffee K-Cups available to use in your Keurig brewer this summer, but using regular K-Cups and adding your own personal flare can also be a lot fun. The only difference between most iced K-Cups and the rest are that the sugar or cream product is already added. We have a few recipes for seasonal flavours and we promise you will enjoy them!

A Few Tips:

1.      Select the size to be six ounces if using a regular sized cup.

2.      Use a much larger cup if you prefer larger iced coffees or teas.

3.      Never use a glass when making these drinks. Advertisements show glass but that is for show. A proper glass can follow later in the process.

4.     Always mix the solution when hot and THEN pour over ice. This will allow an even mixture.

A Few Recipes:

On sale this week, (June 13th) we are offering Van Houtte’s Cherry Chip Swirl and because of the non-sweetened cherry and chocolate flavour in the coffee this is a perfect option for creating your own beverage. When your Keurig is done brewing up a cup of goodness, add as much cream (or milk) as necessary to give it added sweetness and texture and add your sweetner of choice (personally I like Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup). When all is mixed in evenly, pour over ice and enjoy. For your weekend BBQ’s, add Baileys for the perfect after dinner drink (always add your sweetner after your liqueurs so you can test for sweetness).

Timothy’s Sweet Summer Raspberry is another great choice for an iced coffee this summer. To fancy things up, add Chambord as an alternative to cream;  it will not add the beige colour but will still add the needed thicker texture to the drink. (remember to test the coffee before adding sugar).

Regular tea K-Cups are great for mixing up as well. If you would like to try a more natural sweetener without bleached sugar, honey is your best friend for this creation. I know because I use honey regularly. Take any green tea, (which gives you a more natural energy) and mix it with honey. If you're able to find naturally flavoured (from pollen) blueberry honey it works wonderfully with teas and really sets off the sweet subtle tastes. Garnish with any of the following, lemon, mint, seasonal berries or watermelon for a beautiful end result!

Order on-line at and use your own home to experiment with friends and family.


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