In the last year, K-Cup brewers from Keurig have taken precedence in the world of coffee and everyone is hopping on board this perked up wagon of hot beverages. Despite all the choices, (well over 200 coffees, teas, hot chocolate and ciders) there are still skeptics prefering instead their traditional coffee brands. If your favourite coffee brand has not jumped on board the K-Cup wagon, we have the solution! Ekobrew Elite has a reusable K-Cup that will allow you to use your coffee of choice in the Keurig Brewer. Please note the Ekobrew is not compatible with the B30, B130, B150, B155, Mr.Coffee BVMC-K and Vue

The Ekobrew comes with instructions but it's really easy to use - simply add your favourite coffee grinds, brew and enjoy.

The container is designed so that the water flows thoroughly through the stainless steel capsule; which lasts much longer than the other resusable K-Cups on the market and looks great. The steel also allows an easy flow; allowing the coffee and its texture to come out well balanced. To avoid any messy clean-ups, (a compaint amongst users of other reusable K-Cups) there is a rubber o-ring sealing in the Ekobrew not allowing any grinds to escape from the top. However, if you're using Turkish grinds, you may still have some clean up as these are typically super fine.

The Ekobrew is also slightly larger than past reusable K-Cups. As a result, you're able to produce stronger coffees by simply adding more grinds. Around the holidays, I spoke with a woman in Barrie who shared that she adds nutmeg, cinnamon and other ingredients to her coffee to add her own personal flair. With the added space in the Ekobrew, you can do so as well. This season, one of our best sellers in K-Cups is Green Mountain's Island Coconut. Now just imagine putting fresh shaved coconut into the Ekobrew complimented by the lighter coffee full of natural aromas! It is a little more work, but the possibilities are endless and I personally enjoy creating my very own personal signature coffees.

As with all reusable K-Cups, you may also save money depending on your coffee of choice and personal consumption habits. It is all relative to how much you drink and where you get your coffee. And we can't forget to mention that it also produces less waste and impact on the environment.

So, if you'd like to add your own flair, save money and choose a product that is more environmentally friendly, the Ekobrew stainless steel K-Cup is a good choice for you!




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