Decaf typically gets a bad rap. If there were a family reunion of coffees, there would be your fun loving cousin Cappuccino and his sister, tall and smooth Latte, your strong Uncle Americano and then there's boring Aunt Decaf. No one really wants much to do with Aunt Decaf. When she’s around, everyone is pleasant to her but when Aunt Decaf leaves, eyes roll as they recall how boring her stories are and how there tends to be no life in her. We'd like to offer Aunt Decaf a much brighter profile and turn her pragmatic disposition into a positive and appreciated member of the family.

The Process

The Decaf process begins by steaming the beans before roasting and then rinsing with a solvent that removes the caffeine. This is repeated 8 to 12 times removing 97% to 99.9% of the caffeine. It is a difficult process as there are over 400 natural chemicals within the bean that create the aroma and taste in the final product. The goal is to remove the caffeine while keeping the natural chemicals in tact and in their original concentrations.

Why It's Ok To Drink Decaf

You love the taste of coffee but you can only take so much caffeine. This is great because it shows you still have an appreciation for the high octane substance but you know your limit. People who know their limits gain respect from those who have a hard time holding themselves back - so Aunt Decaf really should be praised for her self control. I love coffee myself but I cannot drink much after 3pm otherwise I'm still up at 3am - this may be ok on weekends but not adviseable on weekdays.

You love coffee but any amount of caffeine is too much for you. I worked with a young woman years ago who was always energetic, full of life and she only drank decaf. When asked why, (to be honest, I thought she must have lived off of coffee), she replied, “I love the taste and everything about it but it always gives me the jitters.” Yes that's right, Aunt Decaf in addition to being the Queen of will power she may also be lucky enough to have a naturally energetic disposition. 

A Few Suggestions

For those who love the dark, robust and full bodied coffees like French or Italian Blends, Van Houttes's French Roast and Tully’s French Decaf are recommended by many regulars. Emeril’s Jazzed Up Decaf also creates a high demand so we always keep a healthy supply. For anyone preferring lighter roast coffees, there are plenty of morning roasts to choose from, (anything to do with morning, daybreak, breakfast is normally light).  For those who like to play it safe with their selections, choose Colombian decafs. You will not go wrong.

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