My name is Sam and I’m really excited to join the marketing team at Home and Office Coffee Solutions. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a very big coffee lover.

My love for coffee began when I was in boarding school. We would sneak an instant brew into our hostels, which was technically prohibited, and drink it late into the night when no one was around to object. Who we successfully hid that rich and powerful aroma from, I will never know, but we always seemed to evade discovery. And so even today, there is an element of mischief and decadence that I always associate with drinking coffee.

My coffee personality is completely eclectic. In one day, I usually opt for a mouthwateringly robust roast, powerful and rich, and a great way to start any morning and then, for a java jolt in the afternoon, I usually try something temptingly sweet and buttery smooth like a tropical inspired brew or a vanilla based blend. Finally, when I want to truly indulge, I favour a classic cappuccino, perfection in that delightful mix of light froth coupled with the intense flavour of fresh espresso.

Coffee is a part of my morning routine, get-togethers with friends, comfort on a cold day, and an indulgence when I’d like to spoil myself with a special treat. So here I am, an ardent coffee enthusiast, in the lucky position of being able to market my predilection. How delicious life can be!

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