Clean Cup

For those of you who love Keurig K-Cups and the crisp taste of your coffee, Urnex has come up with a simple solution to maintain your Keurig brewer clean. The Clean Cup will remove the oily residue from past use from the exit spout keeping your Keurig in tip top shape and your beverages tasty!

It’s easy!

  1. Place Clean Cup into your Keurig Brewer
  2. Brew largest cup twice
  3. Remove Clean Cup and brew twice to rinse
  4. Enjoy your favourite K-Cup beverage!

It keeps your beverages tasting great!

Do you love hot chocolates and sweet cappuccinos by Grove Square as well as the pure taste of a black coffee? The Clean Cup will keep each beverage true to its original flavour. 

Do you and your partner have different beverage preferences and thoughts on how they should be enjoyed? You prefer tea and your partner coffee perhaps.  The Clean Cup will make sure you both enjoy the pure taste and aroma of your cup of choice.

Do you have a large family or even a small child or two? Keep your coffee tasting like coffee and your children's hot chocolate tasting chocolaty.  

The Urnex Clean Cup contributes to a cleaner Keurig Brewer which leads to a cleaner kitchen and this leads to a happy family! 


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Mrs. Linda Murray

Mrs. Linda Murray

Your Clean Cup box promises information on descaling my Keurig brewer. l don’t see it listed here…

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